People have a rite to not suffer in pain. When pain from a musculoskeletal issue arises because the body not properly aligned, chiropractic care can offer miraculous results without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Real chiropractic care doesn’t just maintain a patient with their problem. They relieve the pain and truly fix the issue. Regular people, professional athletes, and famous celebrities are no different in that they all can suffer acute pain from improper alignment. Careful adjustment from a qualified doctor of chiropractic saves the day, literally every day at Peak Wellness.

When the body is injured, physical therapy may be the only answer. Even when severely injured and surgery is needed, qualified physical therapy absolutely must take over thereafter and truly return the patient to full activity. Appointments are booked for a full hour or more and always with the therapist, not an aide or assistant. Our elite physical therapists are carefully selected for their experience and high degree of skill. These highly qualified men and women, handle some of the most challenging cases and work wonders on a daily basis.

Unlike western medicine, which separates the nerve system by dermatomes, acupuncture utilizes meridians to map basic physiology. Fine needles are used to tap into areas to release and redirect energy. Acupuncture has been in existence for literally thousands of years and though not well globally accepted by traditional western physicians, there is research to support the safety and efficacy of the method. Acupuncture can be utilized successfully in specific situations to relieve pain, support healing, and enhance functionality.

When muscles are fatigued, sore, or overly tight due to stress or trauma, good manual massage from a licensed and properly qualified therapist can turn things around. Effected areas are targeted using the “petrissage” technique, in which deep compressive pressure is applied to the underlying muscles and soft tissues. Though they are not diagnosing or treating, a properly qualified, licensed massage therapist fills a unique role that the medical physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, and physical therapists simply don’t cover.

Perhaps the most powerful way we influence our lives is with the nutrients we consume on a daily basis. Taking in too much or too little will have disastrous results, especially over time. Getting the right amount of food as well as choosing from the right selections is something almost everyone struggles with.