Dr. Dennis Colonello, D.C. and Dr. Carlon M. Colker, M.D. aren?t your average doctors. The two have joined forces and combined Dr. Carlon Colker?s method of rehabilitation with Dr. Colonello’s musculoskeletal treatment methods to offer  patients more successful outcomes than they were able to achieve in the past. By working together, Dr. Colonello and Dr. Colker have treated and helped many patients?succeed? and achieve greater health.?In order to reach and treat more patients Dr. Colonello has opened and runs Peak Wellness Beverly Hills while Dr. Colker runs Peak Wellness of Greenwich, Connecticut.

A Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Dr. Colonello has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years and has served as the treating doctor for the Canadian Olympic Women’s Basketball team, and Wrestling team, NHL hockey players, the Oakland raiders, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition to his chiropractic practice, he is the inventor of the world famous Abdominizer? and invented/produced such equipment as the Back Therapy System, Nordic Rower, Nordic Power and Nordic Ab Works.

Dr. Colker, M.D., FACN serves as one of the premier published researchers in the field of integrative care and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Colker is a familiar person in the field of medicine, health, nutrition, and fitness. He has been a regular guest correspondent on America’s Health Network “Ask the Doctor” segment and Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends”, and has been interviewed on national television by Barbara Walters and Katie Couric. Dr. Carlon Colker, a member of Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘Dream Team?, is featured in ABC?s new reality T.V. show, “Shaq’s Big Challenge”, which premiered June 26, 2007. He has published a number of books, including The Greenwich Diet, and is a frequent contributor to magazines such as Muscular Development Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, Muscle Magazine, Body, Runner’s World, Walking, Let’s Live, Self, Strive, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Cosmopolitan.

The Colker-Colonello method is based on patient education, providing each patient with a self-help formula for their recovery and guidance to their own personal and physical wellness. Their disease treatment models are based on tested and proven application of all modalities of health care delivery.

Education and prevention is a primary goal at Peak Wellness Beverly Hills and with childhood obesity as an ever-growing epidemic, our commitment begins with our children. Peak Wellness Beverly Hills assists their clients in the understanding that wellness and prevention allow us to live a long fulfilling life and can break the cycle of life long health issues. By taking small steps in our children or adult lives we can alter our mental, spiritual and physical health. Their overall goal at Peak Wellness is to start at one person whose life we change.

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